Monday, February 16, 2015

Back to Bloggin'

As I look through my blog, I've come to realize how much I have neglected it.  So many times, LIFE has gotten in the way.

Since my last post in August of 2013, I have become a grandmother to the beautiful Olivia.  My husband and I moved from our home of 20 years, the place where I raised my children, to a brand new home.  I graduated with my Master's Degree in Teacher Leadership.  We lost my beloved father-in-law to cancer. got in the way.

But life has also stayed the same.  I'm still a "former" fourth grade teacher.  I am still an instructional specialist at the same school.  And I still love teaching.

However, I think I may tinker with this blog just a bit.  I may just send more than ideas into the great educational internet void.  I might journal my thinking.  Maybe I'll rant!  Or maybe, I'll just make a list.

That's what I've missed about blogging the most...sharing what I want when I feel it.

 ......Whaaaaaat?  minion

So...I'm back!  I promise there's more to come!



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