Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Expanding the Notebook Theory

Happy Wednesday!  I can't tell you how happy I am that the week is almost over!  This time of the year, every day is a busy, stressful day, and they can't go by fast enough!

I wanted to continue with a little example on my challenging post from yesterday.  I asked you to think about how interactive notebooks are used in the classroom, especially in elementary school.  I encouraged you to allow students to use their notebooks not only for instruction, but for assessment. So I thought I might give you a little hint of an example..

I don't have my own classroom anymore, but I do tutor students and teach summer school (on occasion).  I absolutely REFUSE to give Pearson any of my hard-earned money for "reteach" or "test prep" materials, so I use only interactive notebooks and novels or grade level readers.   I usually do initial instruction that includes some type of interactive notebook anchor chart or activity.  Here are a few examples of something we have done in our notebooks...

These are anchor charts for their interactive notebooks that were actually used in my 4th grade summer school class.  Each chart gives the elements of fiction, non-fiction, and literary non-fiction.  When we worked on this, we also discussed and listed the types of questions that might be asked on STAAR, or the specific TEKS that might be covered.

I generally don't give my students any type of test.  If  I were in the classroom, I may quiz students over the types of fiction, non-fiction, and literary non-fiction.  I could quiz them over the types of questions that  could be asked...the possibilities are endless!!! BUT....I would let them use their notebooks!!!!!!!  Totally open-ended questions that they could answer using their notebooks!  I can guarantee you, especially in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade that your entire class or block would NOT make 100%!  The way I see it, these charts are building blocks for future knowledge.  Students have to understand these elements before they can even begin to fully comprehend.

I can also promise you that students who use them frequently will eventually stop using them because they now KNOW the information, especially after repeated use.  That's our goal, isn't it????

Ok, ok....I'll relax....

I just get too dang passionate about using the things we work so hard on!!!!!!

"I don't sugar coat crap; I'm not Willy Wonka."---??

teehee teehee



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