Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday musings...

Today has been a relatively restful day.  It seems like I have these nice, long, stressfree weekends, until about 7:00 on Sunday nights!!!  It happens every single weekend and it goes something like this:

Friday nights: I do NOTHING school related.  My day is done. Scott usually picks up dinner on his way home from work.  We watch a movie, browse the net, check Facebook (Scott!), and talk about everything, or nothing in particular.  We both fall asleep early.

Saturday/Saturday nights:  Since both of our kids have left home, we have no where that we have to be!  This is yard day, pick up the house day, run to the store, maybe do something get the picture.  After 16 years of softball/football/basketball/soccer/volleyball every afternoon and weekend...we deserve it!

Sunday:  Lay around the house day!  I usually take two or three naps ::hangs head in shame::  We watch all of our DVR stuff.  Then, I decide that I need to work on lesson plans, turn in supply orders, finish grading and entering into the gradebook...etc.

Today, I had to complete my TELPAS callibration.  Talk about a nightmare!  There is no other test in Texas that makes you check, recheck, and re-recheck your answers because of the enormous amount of self-doubt it creates!  Is it advanced or advanced-high?????  Every year I do this and I doubt every answer choice I make.  Every question is tricky.  If this is how they treat educated professionals, imagine what the kids feel like!!!!!!!!

I also planned a couple of new anchor charts.  I will post them here tomorrow.  This week, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I hope make an impact on my kiddos!  I'll let you know as they happen. I do have to give a shout out to an AWESOME website: !  Ms. Noren has some really great ideas, and the more I read, the more I identify with her.  I feel like her "older" version! LOL!

Have a great Monday!



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