Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thinking about Tuesday...

Today was Math Benchmark day.  All LA teachers know what that means...monitoring without a desire to even glance at a test!!! While they are my students and I want them to do well, it's one test that I truly know nothing about!  Don't misunderstand...I know how to teach math ...I mean, I can add and subtract.  Heck, I can even multiply and divide! But I am not familiar with the 4th grade curriculum.  And, quite honestly, I wouldn't be very good at teaching it!  One of my students asked me a question during the test.  I looked at her and said, "I cannot help you.  Just do the best you can."  And I meant it...because, even if I was allowed to help, I would not have had a clue how!!!

After the test, I had an opportunity to pull a few students out into the hallway to review the assessment they took on Friday.  The students were actually very open with me and told me what they found difficult.  Many of them felt rushed and did feel that a small break would help.  One student told me that he tries so hard but starts worrying about failing.  (Can anyone say another test anxiety prospect??)  Another told me that he feels in a hurry.  He also told me that he LIKES doing the strategies..."They help me a lot." Yay!!  I noticed that having a conversation with my students instead of giving a lecture just telling them what I think was extremely productive!

So I decided to make a recording page to keep notes on my students.  I wish I would have done this from the beginning.  After each failed reading or writing assessment, I will conference with individual students.  I will ask them what they found difficult and what they think would help.  I will give my suggestions.  I will then record whether or not there was improvement on the next assessment.  Not only can I use this to jog my memory, it would also help with intervention and RTI documentation.
Here is my recording document.

On a separate note, I was tricked asked to present at our district staff development on February 17.  I presented two workshops for elementary teachers on Social Studies foldables.  I really enjoyed it!  Many of the teachers from my campus came to my workshop.  Today, one of my teammates and a 3rd grade teacher told me that they have used foldables since then! Yay!  And one of my former first grade teammates was able to use a flip book with her little ones.  She said it went well!  She used it for math. Thanks for texting me your pictures of your students using foldables, Patty!
First grade foldable for shapes
I was so happy that teachers at my campus were able to use the ideas across the curriculum!  Thanks, ladies, for being so open-minded!

Well, I'm off to get things together for my writing lesson tomorrow!  I'm so excited to try something new.  I will try to take pictures of Hip-Hop Harriet, Gabby Grandma, and Perfect Patsy!  I will share what I did, my dialogue,  and how my students embraced my "act" to improve their writing tomorrow.  But here's a preview of Hip-Hop Harriet's "bling"!

I'm such a dork!!!! I thought I had glitter, but all I had were foam boards and glitter stickers.  Oh well!!!

Today I had to make a choice between two things.  All I could think of is a quote from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. (Oh yes, I went there!!!!! Hahaha!!)

"Some day, we all have to make the choice between what is right and what is easy."--Albus Dumbledore

I think that I chose the right road, instead of the easy one.  And, of that, I am the most proud!



  1. Iam so proud of you, you have such a creative way to make learning fun.