Monday, April 23, 2012


Well, today is the day before our big state assessment, the STAAR.  Last week, I strayed from the norm and did not do any test prep passages.  Today, we did do one paired passage to remind quarters of the strategies they should use to work through their assessment.

Tomorrow, the quarters will take the STAAR Math exam.  I don't teach Math, so I'm feeling no stress.  I think my partner teacher and I have resigned ourselves to the fact that we have done what we could and what will be, will be.  My quarters take the STAAR Reading exam on Wednesday.

It was sad leaving my room this afternoon.  But that is only because I had to take down all of my anchor charts and my parts-of-speech word wall .  My room looks so bare and uninviting!
Preparing charts for their trash can funeral!
We usually begin each class with vocabulary builder work.  However, since we've done as much as we can, quarters created "reminder" posters for their lockers  using our STAAR reminder chart that we put up back in March.

They hung these inside their lockers (no STAAR things to "help" them when they walk down the hall to the restroom...haha).  I could insert a smart comment but I'd better quarters had a good time adding their flair!  We all know...if you do it, say it, color it, invest in just might remember it!

My team teacher and I created and signed the poster below.  I believe we can hang these on the outside of their lockers (but I will check with our AP before we hang them in the morning).  Please excuse the lighting...

We printed them on many different colors of paper.  They are not fancy, by any means, but we want the quarters to know we believe in them.  I have put up the outline under my "Free Printables" tab, just in case someone is interested!

I'm just excited that, on Thursday, I get to return to the ART of teaching!  6 more weeks to go!!

“I will prepare and some day my chance will come.” -Abraham Lincoln

I hope my quarters think this way and realize that tomorrow is their "chance"!

I now wipe my hands clean of the Texas STAAR!

::slaps hands together like a casino guy::

Well...until next year...



  1. Great post! You and your team mate have worked hard and your quarters are set. STAAR is going down. Also, I very proud that you are my daughter and how did you get soooo smart and such a fantastic teacher:) I'm going to copy your posters for our classes, thanks:)

  2. Exactly right. What's done is done. I pulled small groups, maximized instruction time, gave great opportunities, and included test prep along the way the whole year. I told my science kiddos today that I am not the least bit worried about them... I just want them to put forth the effort. Good luck! :)

  3. Wishing your quarters good luck tomorrow! I'm sure they will do just fine!! :)

  4. Thank you all so much!! Oh, and the first poster is my mom (in case you didn't know! HAHAHA!)!! Moms always say the right things!!

    Mom, you've always been my example to follow in teaching! I love you!