Saturday, March 24, 2012

Just a Quick Word...

Misty from Think, Wonder, Teach , along with a few of other favorite bloggers, has started a new blog for intermediate grades!  It's called:

The blog is fantastic.  There is a page for each grade level, which makes it even more appealing (not to mention the awesome blog template!).  Check it out!!!

you are not seeing things...

I have indeed changed my blog template.  ::sigh::

I know the other one was "school" looking, but when I initially picked it out, I didn't realize how much I would love this "blogging thing".  I feel like the new one is more ME.  My personal blog reflects our family "view", so I thought my school/professional one should reflect how I want my students to feel...comfortable, relaxed, welcomed, like a home...

I hope it makes you feel comfy as well.  Now, you know a little more about me!  

However, my "gift" for my birthday in September will be a just-for-me blog design.  I figure that will be about six months of blogging.  I just can't see spending $100-plus on a design as a brand new blogger...not yet, anyway!!!  Six months is enough time to get good and comfortable with what I'm doing here!!

(NO, there wasn't a Harry Potter one....I would've snagged that in a heartbeat!)

Have a great Saturday night!!