Monday, March 12, 2012


I haven't done much today.  I'm enjoying my time off.  I spent most of the day watching my DVR and blog hopping!  I have found some fantastic ideas that I can't wait to try.  Oh, and I also found an awesome website, , that I used to create my brand new blog button!!--------------------->>>>>>>>>>>> (on the right).

 I like it much better than my last one (that I made in MS Paint.).  It made things super easy!  I did have to look up how to create the box and html code...but hey!  Tech isn't my thing...but in a few years, maybe I'll be an "expert". Ha ha!
Any Hoo...while I was hopping, I clicked on a blog link to simply check out new news.  And, low and behold, did I receive a huge surprise!!! A total "OMG" moment!!

Andrea over at One Teachers Take had received a Top 10 Blog List award.  As I read her post, I found that she had mentioned my blog, along with several others, and had asked her readers to check it out!!  I was so excited that my blog was mentioned!  Well, Andrea then commented on my blog that she was actually passing a top 10 award on to ME!!  (I'm such a newbie, I didn't realize it!!)

OOOMMMMGGG!!!  I am so excited!!  Experienced teacher bloggers are interested in reading my blog!!  Here is my award:

Please visit Andrea's blog, pay homage,  and see all of the awesome 4th grade things going on!

One Teachers Take...

In the spirit of the award, I would like to recognize some teaching blogs and bloggers that have helped me get up and moving!!  Please visit their blogs and see all of the cool new things our teaching community is coming up with!  Congratulations, Top 10ers!!

1.  Becky @ Dots-n-Spots
2.  Lindsay @ My Life As A Fifth Grade Teacher
3.  Abby @ The Inspired Apple
4.  Nancy@ Teaching My Friends
5.  Jennifer @ Teaching With A Smile
6.  Misty @ Think, Wonder, Teach
7.  BJ @ Obsessively Teaching Fourth Grade
8.  Mrs. Piper @ Pushing Through 6th Grade
9.  Leea @ Set This Circus Down
10.  Angelia @ Extra Special Teaching

 I have this wonderful quote from, of course, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  (It's an obsession...sorry!)  I think it is absolutely fitting for the wonderful Blog Land I'm now an official part of...

"There are some things you can't share without ending up liking each other..."--J.K. Rowling  

And blogging about teaching is one of them!!

(In the book, the quote actually ends with something about a mountain troll...hahahahaha)


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  1. Hi Tammy!

    I just found your blog from Andrea! She is super sweet and so I knew I just had to check the lovely blogs that she was recommending!! Congrats on your award! I am a 4th grade teacher as well!

    Lessons with Laughter

  2. Thank you for coming by!! I visited your blog, too, and I absolutely love your book recommendation tree! We have a "Books I Recommend" poster in our room and I let my students "graffiti" their books onto the poster, but the tree idea is really great!

    Confessions of a Fourth Grade Teacher

  3. Ah... Thank you so much for stopping by and giving me an award! I get so excited every time I get one as I too am a newbie!

    Congrats on your award!!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  4. Teaching is sometimes like fighting a full-grown mountain troll. :) Too bad we can't swish and flick them back into order!

    :) Kaitlyn

  5. Hi Tammy! THANK YOU so much for the nomination! I'm glad you find my blog helpful! Yours is super cute! It's great to find more 4th grade teachers in the world wide web! -Becky :)